Website Design Services in Rohini Delhi

Website Design in Rohini

Website Design Services in Rohini Delhi

Nowadays we all know what is website designing and where do we use this website design. So we tell you that those who are businessmen now show their business online. Now all the customers also search the product online or search their web browsers. And they get the service or product that they require from a home. That’s why now all businessmen make one or make their service visible, through these two mediums you can get your website built. Through this website, you can show all your products or all services on this website. By viewing this website, the user can bring your service. Website Design Services in Rohini Delhi

What is the identity of a website?

A website that provides information about a service. A website is a page that contains all the information about a business. It has a home page that states that the website is the complete information on the entire website. For example, it contains about the business which tells how long the business is and how long he has been providing his service and what is his service, how can a user contact him. And it contains the address, phone, and email of that business so that the user can easily know about that business. Website Design Services in Rohini Delhi

There are two types of websites.

  1. A website is Static Website
  2. And a webista is Dynamic Website.

Static Website Design Services in Rohini Delhi

A static website is a website that only the person who creates it can edit it. In this, the user can never edit it. In this, if the user has to make a change in a website. So he goes to the editor. Or contact him. Only then he knows to edit it. Html, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, are used to create a static website. Website Design in Rohini

What is Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is a website in which everything is like a static website, only the user can edit that website. Because it has a user login page through which the user can make a website. And a dynamic website has a backend that is designed separately. The website is managed from the backend. Website Design in Rohini Delhi

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